TV preacher proves that only the Christian god is real

This TV preacher uses irrefutable logic to prove that only the Christian's god is real.

"Have you ever seen somebody working on a fence and takes a hammer and hit their thumb and go "Awww… Buddha!" You ever see them do that? How many hit a gold ball like I hit a golf ball and they go "Ohhh… Mohammed!" Why do they call that name? You know what they do? They go "Jesus Christ!" "Jesus Christ!" Why do they call that name? Because I believe when a person gets hurt or they get angry, they wanna blame who? They want to blame God.

I guess that settles it!

Gareth Branwyn (who sent me the link to this video) told me this preacher's line of reasoning reminds him of his grandfather's argument against hippies. Gareth's grandpappy used to say, "If God had wanted men to have long hair, he would have given it to them."

The preacher also shares many other equally profound insights with his rapt audience: Satan uses LPs to control people, and burn victims are lucky because they've gotten a taste of hell.

(Thanks, Gareth!)