MAKERS, my next novel, serialized online

Pablo from Tor has the details on a cool new promo they're doing to promote my next book, Makers, which'll be published in the fall (HarperCollins UK will publish it in the UK, Australia, NZ, and other parts of the commonwealth). Makers tells the story of a group of hardware hackers who fall in with microfinancing venture capitalists and reinvent the American economy after a total economic collapse, and who find themselves swimming with sharks, fighting with gangsters, and leading a band of global techno-revolutionaries. The first 50,000 words of Makers were serialized on Salon some years ago under the title Themepunks.

Starting today around noon (Eastern Standard Tribe, of course), and throughout the rest of the year, will be serializing Makers, Cory Doctorow's upcoming novel, which goes on sale from Tor Books in November.. We'll be serializing the entirety of the novel, with a new installment every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, until the whole thing is finished, sometime in January 2010. Each installment of Makers will be accompanied by a new illustration by Idiots'Books (, which will interconnect with the other illustrations in the series, and offer limitless possibilities for mixing and matching the illustrations in the series. In a week or so, after we've posted a number of tiles, we'll release a Flash game in which users will be able to re-arrange the illustration tiles on a grid and create their own combination of layouts.

I'm planning on repeating the tribute to booksellers I made with the free release of Little Brother, introducing every section of the serial with a little hymn to some bookstore or other; booksellers are clearly on the side of the angels (I speak as a former bookseller!).

However, I'm doing this one a little differently; rather than write up my favorite booksellers, I'm asking for your favorite bookstores — in the comments for each section of the serial, I'd like you to write up testimonials for your favorite stores. I'll pick three every week to add to that week's installments, by way of spreading the love around.

Announcing Cory Doctorow's Makers on

Cory Doctorow's Makers, Part 1 (of 81)

(Thanks, Pablo!)