Juice company rips off Get Your War On

Carrie McLaren is a guest blogger at Boing Boing and coauthor of Ad Nauseam: A Survivor's Guide to American Consumer Culture. She lives in Brooklyn, the former home of her now defunct Stay Free! magazine.


The makers of Jamba Juice have ripped off David Rees' Get Your War On in a new ad campaign. To his credit, Ree's has taken the assault like a man, organizing a National Day of Prayer to "pray our way across America, destroying Jumby Juice franchises left and right…"

Still, he has some words for the ad's creators:

Whoever made this ad is probably a 22 year-old "creative" at some ad agency in Tech Valley, CA. Way to think outside the box, sonny. Have fun snorting cocaine at the nightclub you go to with your friends who work at Twitter or wherever. And no, Adult Swim will NOT buy your stupid cartoon you're developing with your housemates about four guys who work at an ad agency but are secretly lobsters.

(Thanks, Sean!)