Month of sf authors on SF Message Board

Dead-Air sez, "At the Science Fiction Message Board the results are in for our 2009 'Author August' post-a-thon extravaganza! The regular members, along with some visitors lured by news of the upcoming event, have nominated a wildly diverse range of authors. From SF's earliest days to the latest hot new talent, this 4th annual event has as wide-ranging a list of writers as anyone could wish to see. Every day during August a different author will be spotlighted in their own thread in our Author Central forum. We encourage all to visit on that day and post photographs, reminiscences, cover scans, links to appropriate sites, reviews, and other reactions. With 31 days and 31 authors there's a chance to share what you know as well as learn new things, so come and join in the fun!"

8/1 Alfred Bester;
8/2 William Tenn (Phillip Klass);
8/3 Gene Wolfe;
8/4 E.T.A. Hoffman;
8/5 Norman Spinrad;
8/6 Lucy Sussex;
8/7 Robert J. Sawyer;
8/8 Phillip Reeve;
8/9 Ian McDonald;
8/10 Ken MacLeod;
8/11 Dan Simmons;
8/12 S.M. Stirling;
8/13 Sean McMullen;
8/14 James Blish;
8/15 Kelley Eskridge;
8/16 Octavia Butler;
8/17 Charles Stross;
8/18 Colin Kapp;
8/19 Fritz Leiber;
8/20 Nicola Griffith;
8/21 Hal Clement;
8/22 J.G. Ballard;
8/23 Alison Sinclair;
8/24 E.C. Tubb;
8/25 Neal Asher;
8/26 Karl Schroeder;
8/27 Jack L. Chalker;
8/28 John Varley;
8/29 Alan Dean Foster;
8/30 David J. Williams;
8/31 Kurd Lasswitz

Author August 2009!

(Thanks, Dead-Air!)