WMD swag from a chemistry conference

Aaron sez, "At a chemistry conference, nuclear scientists gave away some hilarious swag, including kitchen table place mats with facts about radiation exposure and playing cards with nuclear weapons trivia."

All is not Sturm und Drang among the WMD crowd. During the talk, with the help of other symposium participants, everyone in attendance received a set of RADACAD playing cards. The back of each card sports a picture of what appears to be a nuclear-explosion-triggered fireball that will grow into a mushroom. The face of each card provides a teaching moment. The four of diamonds, for example, lists eight radioactive isotopes used in industry that are of the greatest concern when it comes to dirty bombs. The joker cards show a cartoon character clad in a hazmat suit as he holds out what appears to be a tray bearing a picture of a nuclear explosion bomb, sort of like an offering of an hors d'oeuvres.

WMD Goodie Bag

(Thanks, Aaron!)