Put This On: web video series for dudes on "dressing like a grownup"

Jesse Thorn and Adam Lisagor, who are each best known for internet funnystuff, have stitched together a wonderful non-comedy web video series called Put This On.

I attended the premiere last week in Old Town Pasadena, held inside the building that houses the subject of the pilot episode (embedded above). I loved the pilot, loved the hosts, loved the bespoke retro men's denim + indigo clothing at Rising Sun Jeans. I don't want to give away the goods here, but I have a neologism for you all: denimpunk*.

Adam and Jesse are looking for funding/sponsorship, and I told 'em I thought they'd do well. This is very watchable stuff. There's even a clothing credits page for each ep! Matt Haughey and Ask Metafilter ponied up some dough to help with the pilot. I hope the guys score some dough, and make many more episodes, for two reasons:

1) I want to see more good internet video.
2) I live in Los Angeles, home of the be-flip-flopped hipster slob. I want to see more dudes dress like grownups.

* Here's why that word came to mind. The guys who run Rising Sun Jeans have this period-perfect, retro denim thing going on. They re-create early denim and indigo fashions with loving attention to accuracy and craftsmanship. They also ride very old, lovingly restored cars and motorcycles. This isn't lowrider or rockabilly or hotrod culture, it's something I hadn't seen before. Neat. You should go check out their store if you're in LA.