If you love something, feed it lasers and pizza: Machine Project Benefit, Mister Jalopy's, Sat. Nov 7, LA

Jalopy's fine poster for Machine Project benefit

Mark blogged earlier the very special benefit event for Machine Project taking place on the evening of Saturday, November 7 at Mister Jalopy's personal studio in LA this weekend — and, well, dammit, I'm blogging about it again.

I stopped by the space a few days ago to see how preparations were going, and HOO BOY, if you can afford the fundraiser tickets (I know times are tough for many), they're really going to great effort to construct what is sure to be an amazing event. And, of course, all proceeds benefit one of the world's coolest independent tech-art institutions. If you love something like that, you have to feed it, and Mister Jalopy's going to feed it lasers and pizza.

For starters, Jalopy's "awe-inspiring Silverlake studio is almost never open to the public," as Mark said, but I saw the stuff they're constructing: laser mazes, fake museum ID creation stations, an industrial pizza oven, all kinds of crazy crafty Maker pranky goodness.

More about the event from Dinosaurs and Robots

Proceeds from this once-a-year event will enable Machine Project to continue welcoming any and all to free Machine public events in 2010. Tickets start at $75 for members, or $100 for non-members, with a Benefactor level ticket available for $250, which includes entry to a special pre-event reception and more. 90% of the cost of all tickets is tax deductible.

Have you been curious about the Los Angeles heroes that call themselves Machine Project? With over 20 participating artists, technologists and musicians, the 2009 Benefit will pack a month's worth of events into a single intimate evening. What to expect? Opportunities to steal art from a laser-protected, action movie-style set, wager on microscopic slime mold races, try your hand at gold panning to prospect for real gold nuggets, stay late to huddle around the firepit to make 'smores, partake from the amply stocked wine and beer bar, have a wood-fired pizza from an on-site brick pizza oven, enjoy music from four different acts, replace your old Getty Museum fake ID, participate in head-to-head speed soldering contests and eat noodles supplied by Kwong Dynasty Noodle Cart.

Tickets still available online at Machine Project, or swing by in person at Machine Project or Coco's Variety at 2427 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles. Benefit is Saturday, November 7th, 2009, 9pm – Midnight.