EFF launches international copyright news site

Danny from the Electronic Frontier Foundation sez, "Copyright lobbyists often indulge in what's called "policy laundering" — if you can't get an amendment to copyright in one country, just shop it around until you find somewhere that will take it.

Keeping track of changes and variations in over 180 countries and dozens of international venues is a challenge, but necessary if we're going to stop ill-advised copyright law from taking hold and spreading.

That's why EFF, librarians, and researchers all around the world have teamed up to start Copyright Watch. We've spent months pooling together every copy of every country's copyright law that we could find. From now on, Copyright Watch will be spotting new changes, identifying quirks and novelties in different laws, and keeping watch at the IP fronter — wherever in the world that might be."

Copyright Watch collects and monitors copyright laws from all over the world.

(Thanks, Danny!)