Danny Choo's call for entries for his Otacool 2 cosplayer convention book


Boing Boing guest blogger alum Danny Choo posted a call for entries for his book about the Otacool Worldwide Cosplayers covention. He's posted a bunch of cosplayers from around the world on his blog. Shown here: Alodia Gosiengfiao from the Philippines as The Baroness from GI Joe.

Kotobukiya is pleased to announce the arrival of OTACOOL 2: WORLDWIDE COSPLAYERS in April 2010! In collaboration with Danny Choo and the Internet's largest cosplay destination Cure, OTACOOL 2 promises even more stimulating and groundbreaking content. In keeping with the same concept of "OTAKU is COOL", the next volume of OTACOOL will focus on cosplayers from around the world!

Otacool Worldwide Cosplayers