Introducing our 'Games To Get' Page


Over the past few months, I've made more than a handful of scattered game recommendations, whether in the form of yearly wrap-up lists of indie/iPhone and console/handheld games, sketchbook/concept art gallery posts, or more simple compiled reminders of the best releases of the week.

And for just as long, there wasn't an easy way to keep all those games straight, especially if you'd just managed to get your hands on an iPhone or PS3 or DS for the first time. And so now, we present, the official Games To Get page.

For now, then, it's a compiled list of 2009's top games across all platforms (along with a few extras), with quick descriptions and links to each game's original mention, and a download link that'll take you to the App Store, Amazon, or simply to the freeware/indie download page.

In the future, every recommendation will also come with an update to the list, keeping it a dynamic and growing guide to the best the indies and industry proper have to offer, and also, if nothing else, proof positive (as became clear when the page was finished) that there's still, thankfully, a healthy cross-section of developers that believe games can be more than muddied washes of brown and gunmetal grey.

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