Check out the sunglasses in this curious Danish sci-fi B-movie

gayth.jpg Look at those sunglasses, just look at them. Here's some background on the über-outré 1992 cult cinema specimen from which the video clip above was snipped: A Blog Post Referencing The Title Which I Cannot Bring Myself To Type About The Movie That Must Be Seen To Be Believed.

It really is hard to wrap your head around the fact this movie was made. More: IMDB, Wikipedia, and the director. A few additional video embeds after the jump. Does anyone know more about this film, or the actors who appeared in it? When I type WTF in this case, it's not rhetorical, I'm truly seeking answers.

Video: "Female Creatures."

Video: "Part 2 of 3" (no part 1 in this guy's upload series)

And, "Part 3"

(thanks, Susannah Breslin)