Disney's Fast Play is the slow way to the DVD feature

Bill Bumgarner had the same experience as I did with Disney's Fast Play option on DVDs. I watched Sleeping Beauty with my daughter last week and was tricked by choosing Fast Play.

How could anyone not be irritated by this stupid anti-feature?

We received Chicken Little from Netflix today and I noticed that it features "Disney's Fast Play Technology."
When inserted, you get the choice between "Fast Play" and "Main Menu.'

If you make the mistake of hitting "Fast Play", you get upwards of 10 minutes of promo crap before the movie starts – just like before.

If you hit "main menu" you get, well, the main menu from which you can actually play the movie directly.
That's right. Fast Play is the slow way to the feature.

Disney's Fast Play (Or Marketing of a Flipped Bit)