Fractal zoomer

Guy sez, "This is my fractal generator and zoomer. The basic premise is I wrote a php program which will generate a fractal based on parameters passed to it and return it as an image to the browser. By calling this program with specific parameters a fractal can be generated that can be zoomed in on infinitely. The other link is a demonstration of the relationships between the Mandelbrot and Julia Set versions of the fractals. If you view the Mandelbrot fractal and then tile the Julia version you will begin to see the outline of the Mandelbrot version in the tiled Julia. This has been a lot of fun to write, I would love to take it a bit further and write some explanations and teaching tools. Please keep in mind that all the images are generated on the fly so if you do post this my server may go BOING!"

Welcome to the Fractal Generator

(Thanks, Guy!)