Energy consumer: The musical

Everybody knows that Americans have a god-given right to waste energy as they see fit—from turning on every light in the house, to leaving the TV on for the cat. The call to conserve? That's just an evil plot. Sing along with this clip from a satirical musical produced by Allied Chemical in 1978.

Then think: This guy is caught up in a false dichotomy—he thinks he either has to ignore the problems associated with fossil fuels or nobly sacrifice away his standard of living. In reality, what Mock-turtleneck there wants isn't an unlimited quantity of energy (or greenhouse gas emissions). Neither will make him happier. Neither will make him wealthier. What he wants is the services of energy. That's what makes efficiency such an important concept, according to William Moomaw, professor of International Environmental Policy and Director of Tuft's Center for International Environment & Resource Policy. Getting people the results they want, for less energy and low emissions, does a lot more good than the usual song and dance.

Watch more of the musical, "Seein' the Light".

(Thanks to Sean Meredith of Track 16 Gallery for the video!)