Odd search queries

There is at least one blog comprising solely of the search queries used to find it other things on the net. Also, here is a current sampling of interesting search terms that people typed into Google as an immediate prelude to visiting Boing Boing.

5. Haarp conspiracy
9. boin
29. naked kids
41. what english sounds like to foreigners
53. duck penis
69. how to make cocaine
86. я оченÑŒ Ñ€ад, ведÑŒ я, наконец, возвÑ€ащаюсь домой
106. space porn
134. full body scanner images
148. what is an ipad
162. report someone dead on facebook
192. nazi jokes
221. internet is tubes

That last one should be a Gary Numan song! Also, can you guess what rank is occupied by people who typed the actual domain name into Google? We have had hundreds of thousands of those.