Dead man denied seat on plane

Gitta Jarant and Anke Anusic were arrested after attempting to check in Curt Willi Jarant, 91, on a flight from Liverpool to Berlin. Turns out, Jarant was dead. Gitta Jarant, the man's widow, and Anusic, his stepdaughter, claim that they thought he was alive but sleeping. The two are suspected of "failing to give notification of death" and are out on bail. I am unsure if the photo, accompanying a BBC News article, depicts Jarant before or after he died. From the BBC News:

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"He was released from hospital. He was fine. If he was not fine the hospital wouldn't release him," she said.

And she insisted that with his eyes closed they believed he was asleep.

"He was alive. He was pale but he wasn't dead," Ms Anusic added.

"A dead person you cannot carry to Germany, there are too many people checking and security. How can you bring a dead person to Germany?"

"Women try to take body on plane at Liverpool airport"