Protecting the Loch Ness Monster

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Newly published documents show that William Fraser, a Scottish police chief in the 1930s, not only was convinced that the Loch Ness Monster exists but feared for her safety. "That there is some strange creature in Loch Ness seems now beyond doubt, but that the police have any power to protect it is very doubtful," wrote William Fraser, chief constable of Inverness-shire Constabulary. The Telegraph reports that Fraser had sent the correspondence to the Under Secretary of State at the Scottish Office, after a London man claimed to be having a custom harpoon gun made to kill the legendary beast. The Christian Science Monitor (CSM) has followed up with an article quoting my pal Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo about Nessie's unspoken government protection, a very real matter we've posted about on BB before. The CSM oddly ended the article by talking about US presidents who have seen UFOs, and illustrated the piece with the famous 1934 "Surgeon's photo" above without mentioning that it was revealed years ago to be a hoax. But it's still a great photo, isn't it? From the CSM:

Sightings often describe the monster's iconic neck sprouting from the lake, but Coleman says experts agree that those sightings are only of an otter's tail or a water bird's neck. In his opinion, the Loch Ness monster is something like a whale or a walrus…

Coleman says that new animal discoveries show that humans still have a lot to learn about the world. Just three weeks ago, scientists reported that they had discovered a new species of giant lizard in the Philippines. Coleman says that the finding underscored how strange animals – from Big Foot to Yeti to the Loch Ness monster – may still be lurking beneath our noses.

"There are animals out there that will surprise us in the future," he says.

"Loch Ness monster is real: former Scottish police chief"