Bootsy Collins talks about acid tripping with James Brown and dosing his brother

In this YouTube clip spotted by an eagle-eyed Boing Boing reader in an earlier post about Bootsy Collins' soon-to-be-launched Funk University, the legendary bass god talks about his first time taking LSD—which happened to be while he was hanging out and having deep chats with James Brown. Bootsy also admits to having dosed his brother "Catfish," as a prank, while they were all touring with J.B.: "Catfish," the story goes, was always mooching food off of others on the tour bus, so Bootsy and his friends (on one occasion or more) stuck LSD in it before offering it to him. Somehow, a tale that would otherwise seem cruel is funny and charming when delivered by Bootsy, whom I adore.

The clip is from a great NBC TV show from the late '80s and early '90s called Night Music, hosted by musician David Sanborn. What I love most in this clip, apart from Bootsy's trippin' tales, is the breathtaking piano solo by Carla Bley. Is it me, or is that really lovely? Man, it made my eyes well up. From right around 3:54 to 5:44.

Healing Power (YouTube)

A few other awesome Bootsy clips on YouTube: "Stretchin' Out," from that same show, and an INSANE female a capella/vocal/rap duo Bootsy produced called "Pretty Fat," just phenomenal. Also: "Ah, the Name is Bootsy," from a live performance in 1976, and "I'd Rather Be With You," from that same live gig.