Kick-ass sysadmin job opening in Toronto

Ken Snider is Boing Boing's insanely talented sysadmin, but his day job is running the infrastructure for Federated Media, the ad-broker that does most of our advertising, as well as the ads for many other large sites around the net. Ken is hiring — he's looking for another kick-ass, king-hell sysadmin to work with him on the project. If you're in Toronto and want to work for a fabulous boss in a great job, here's your chance!

# My team is a small, focused pack of dedicated and proficient sysadmins who take pride in what we've built, and aren't afraid to voice their disapprovals on technical grounds when needed. I value that passion and dedication to what we build here at FM. You'd need that same passion and drive, but be able to remember that this is a team – everyone gets their input, but we move forward in unison once the decision has been made.

# At the same time, we treat our customers (and that also means the rest of FM) as our #1 priority. Always. You need to be articulate and professional as well as a CLI superstar – understanding that the best network in the world is useless if no one knows how to use it, or it doesn't meet the needs of those who request it in the first place.

# We are very task-oriented. Meeting deadlines and reporting progress to the rest of the company is paramount, and I expect you to be able to work with minimal supervision as you work towards those goals. Know yourself well enough to know your limits, and be humble enough to come to the team when you need help, or when you realize you've bitten off more than you can chew.

Federated Media needs a sysadmin