Reon Pocket 5: a wearable doohickey with a fan and a heater in it

Sony's Reon Pocket 5 is a wearable thermal device: a flat plastic contraption you can attach to your body to deal with excess heat or cold. The fan is much quieter than previous models, Sony claims, making it appropriate for "a business environment" as well as the gym or construction site. You get up to 8 hours warming and 17 hours cooling, but only 4 each way on the highest settings.

The internal structure of the thermal module in the REON POCKET 5 has been redesigned and made larger, achieving up to 1.8 times the cooling efficiency. This greatly increased efficiency results in more powerful cooling and longer running time.

The cooling fan blade shape is optimised for the internal structure of the main unit, and the DC three-phase motor fluid dynamic bearing structure reduces operating noise from the device by up to approximately 80%.*2This significantly lower noise makes the device even more suitable for use in a business environment.

What I like about this is that it's an old-timey Sony oddity of the sort it doesn't often produce these days. Nonetheless, it doesn't seem to be an official U.S. product. You can find it on import sites for about $260 and eBay for less.

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