Boing Boing picnic exquisite corpse story

We had an exquisite corpse game going at the Boing Boing picnic this past weekend. It was written on a giant yellow notepad; I brought it home and transcribed it. The resulting story is truly a reflection of the Boing Boing readership — it takes unexpected twists and turns and features soul-eating clowns, fire-breathing dragons, and toilet paper tweets. Many thanks to all you awesome readers who contributed to the story! Please identify yourselves in the comments so we can give you a shout out.

exquisitecorpsde.jpgOne day, while prospecting in Golden Gate Park, Jackhammer Jill came upon an unbelievable sight. An enormous, hairy beast in a tutu! "Pickles!" he exclaimed. A she ran, no, PRANCED, towards the luscious fields of pickles… he gasped! Four hours later, he was in the ER, overdosed on sodium and dill. "Don't worry," said the doctor, "We can fix you with science! Quick! Swallow this!" Reaching into his lab coat pocket, he pulled out a spike-studded bowling ball. Three holes, filled with strawberry jam, exquisitely telling of a past affair with a breakfast bun in an empty Coney Island fun house. As the soul eating clowns emerge I run toward a blinding light. Which turns out to be a fireball that I quench with my ice rod. You know, my "Ice Rod," wink wink. I'll quench your "fireball" with it, if you know what I mean. "What do I mean?" I thought, what a rude thing to say to a perfect stranger. However, an imperfect stranger, someone who's strangeness was somehow flawed, would understand the hidden alchemical reference. The hour of mice was drawing closer… if they could not decipher the message… then the world will change in a way no one could predict. They had to act fast.

So they posted a tweet: "Need toilet paper. 7th floor men's Macy's ASAP #toilet. Shortly thereafter, a large truck full of toilet paper appeared on the 7th floor. The cost was not free. In exchange for the toilet paper they took the sinks. Out from the plumbing crawled the dark lord. And he was a spider. A terrible abomination from untold ages, it began its hunt for flesh and animal crackers. And then there were none. PEND LOL!!! ONE! 1 Randomly a fire breathing dragon with blue skin and pink polka dots burst from the clouds to devour him. He be dead son. And lo, riding forth on a magnificent gray stallion, came Eugenia, his long lost sister. She charged at the dragon, sword in hand, yelling "Toast!" Suddenly, the dragon pulled out a portal gun and calmly stepped through. Before it closed he turned and muttered…. "the cake is a lie." The cake chuckled, an evil grin on its icing. Suddenly it appeared on And then it disappeared when that site crashed. When Adam restarted Firefox it went to his homepage, which is…

What is Adam's homepage?? Feel free to continue the story in the comments!

Image via Billy Green's Flickr