Elvis autopsy instruments at auction

The above items are expected to fetch in the neighborhood of $6,000 at auction next month. They are some of the autopsy and embalming instruments used to prepare Elvis Presley's body for its viewing at the funeral. From Leslie Hindman Auctioneers:

 Images Managed Press Elvis ToolsIn addition to the instruments, the collection will include a toe tag marked "John Doe," which was used as an anonymous replacement on the body of Elvis Presley after the original was stolen by an eager fan during the chaos at the hospital. The mortician, who prepared the body, retained this tag and the instruments, along with the preparation room case report, the case sheet, dry cleaning tags, the hanger to the singer's suit and tie and the coffin shipping invoice, which are marked "Elvis Presley."

"Elvis Presley Autopsy Instruments To Be Sold At Auction"