Draw a Sasquatch the Ed Emberley Way

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I probably have almost every Ed Emberly instructional drawing book
ever published. My 7-year-old daughter loves his books as much as I do. Emberley's books are appealing because his step-by-step instructions are clean and simple, and if you follow them you will end up with a great looking critter.

When I saw the image above, I thought it was from a new Ed Emberley book, but it was actually created by illustrator Nate Wragg, who is also an Emberly fan. Here's what Wragg says about Emberly's work:

As a kid I had several of his books, and I have to say he was one of my first artistic inspirations. I used to love to draw from his books, follow the steps, use all the fun shapes, and adding all the detail at the end was my favorite part. One of the things I love about Ed Emberley's work is the way he designed his characters off such simple shapes. It's one of the first things that I think we all learn and do as designers when we are working on a character design, or thinking about structuring a layout drawing for a background. Start simple, and play with simple shapes to help vary your design, then go from there.

Ed Emberley Sasquatch tribute