10 Years Ago: The Wally Wood Letters


From Boing Boing 10 years ago: In the late 1970s John Hitchock started up a mail correspondence with Wally Wood, inarguably one of the world's most gifted comic book artists. For a variety of reasons, Wood had fallen on hard times, but he was a generous man and wrote 18 replies to Hitchock's letters.

"So my advice is, don't be a creator. It's much more fun, and much more rewarding to be a defacer with a title . . . "Creative Director" or "Assistant Associate Editorial Consultant". If you're a creator, you'll find yourself at the mercy of a kid fresh from writing dirty words on walls, who will take work you have spent hours on and write the singularly revealing message "Kill This" across it in bold strokes of his big blue pencil."

The Wally Wood Letters