Man arrested for flying a kite with an LED

This is an LED kite from Ingenio Electronico. It's not Ernest Sawka Jr's kite. But it sure is cool!

Cinemajay says: "Man arrested for 'disorderly conduct' flying a kite rigged with LEDs after St. Paul, MN residents reported a UFO. After repeated flights an officer told Sawka, 'If I catch you doing this again, I'll come and find you and put you in jail.'"

Sawka said he'd like to fight the citation.

"Hopefully, the judge will say, 'You're here for flying a kite?' and drop the case," he said.

Sawka said in August that he'd been sending lighted kites into the sky around St. Paul for about two years. He would put a "kite up a couple hundred feet and then start tying lights to the string," he said. They're "little LED bullet lights," Sawka said.

You can buy flashing LED kite lights here!

St. Paul / His kite has lights, and he's in trouble again

(Submitterated by Cinemajay)