Bearded lady and long-lost son to appear on Maury

Last week, I posted about Richard Lorenc, a man who searched for his long-lost birth mother and found out she's Vivian Wheeler, a famous bearded lady who made a career on the carnie circuit. Now, the two will appear on The Maury Show where DNA testing will reveal whether they're definitely blood relations. From AOl News:

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Despite Wheeler's beard, (Lorenc) just hopes "The Maury Show" doesn't turn it into a sideshow.

"Vivian is used to that — but they're going to keep a serious tone, treating it as more of a newsworthy reunion," Lorenc said. "As long as it's like that, it'll go really smoothly."

Faulhaber intends to do just that: "We are extremely excited to tell this story to America and to our viewers. The beginning is incredible, the middle is as compelling as it gets, and hopefully the end is a happy ending."

"Bearded Lady and Son Face DNA Test on 'Maury Show'"