Only 1.7% of sites blocked by Scandinavia's "child-porn" filters are actually child porn

Christian sez,

Germany's working group against
censorship, AK Zensur, has analysed a few recent Scandinavian
blacklists, allegedly meant to block sites containing child abuse
material. Our less-than-surprising findings:

* From 167 listed sites, only 3 contained such material.
* Two of them were listed on different blacklists since 2008, obviously
without the authorities trying to take the sites offline.
* All three were taken down by the hosting providers within hours or even
minutes after receiving an AK takedown request by email.

So what were the reasons again that made access blocking an essential
weapon in fighting child abuse?

Blacklists of Denmark and Sweden analysed (PDF)

Press release: "Access Blocking means looking away instead of acting"

(Thanks, Christian!)