Germans protest new Internet Berlin Wall

Markus sez, "300 people gathered today in Berlin to demonstrate against the German net censorship law. The Deutsche Bunestag (German parliament) will vote on that law today. Lots of banners with slogans like 'New Berlin Wall?', 'IT-Courses for politicians' and 'Don't worry, we're from the internets' showed a colourful protest in front of the Brandenburger Gate close to the Reichstag."

Demonstration against Censhorship in Berlin (Thanks, Markus!)


  1. Only 300 people?

    You’d think after the last wall, there would be more Germans protesting. Isn’t that why their state buildings are made of glass?

  2. “You’d think after the last wall, there would be more Germans protesting.”

    Last year for the “Freedom not Fear” worldwide demonstration (I’m sure Cory remembers, he wrote a post about it for the UK), I went to Berlin to protest along with other 100 000 people. If the BverfG lets the law pass, there will be violent protests, believe me.

  3. More than 130.000 people have already signed an online petition at the official parliament website, due to which the most critical parts of the planned law have been discarded already. Its remains will no doubt be overruled by the Federal Constitutional Court shortly.

  4. Oh, and don’t forget where the Black Bloc comes from. There is great potential in german protesters. ;)

    Here‘s an article in English describing last years “freedom not fear” protest in Berlin (there’s an anti-sruveillance protest each year btw, and the number of protesters grows each).

    So basically, I still have some hope. I mean, the German constitution isn’t that bad actually.

  5. “If the BverfG lets the law pass, there will be violent protests, believe me.”

    I am against violence. But since I’m getting more and more pissed off of Germany, I would love to see those, maybe the Parliament will wake up than.

    And those weren’t the only protests we did, in fact this Saturday will be another in every major city of Germany.

  6. According to official polls 92 percent of German voters are in favor of the law.

    The amount of misinformation surrounding this thing is striking. People state they are in favor because the law pretends to block child pornography. And of course the quiet desperational mass doesn’t know any better.

    Soon our country’s motto will be changed to:


  7. Woohoo! It’s not even 24 hours after the law was passed and, despite assurances from all involved that this is about the children, some dipshit CDU politician is already clamouring to widen the blocks to FPS games (lovingly termed “Killer’s games”).

  8. Now, let’s wait for the BverfG to snipe this law, if not, like I already said, there will be violence.

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