EFF Pioneer Awards in San Francisco, Nov 8

I'm coming to San Francisco next month to present the 19th Annual Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Awards (this year's winners are Stephen Aftergood, James Boyle, Pamela Jones and Groklaw, and Hari Krishna Prasad Vemuru -- see here for full announcement). The event's taking place at the 111 Minna Gallery at 7:30 PM, and is preceded by a "VIP event" with the Pioneer Award winners, EFF founders and board members at 6:30 (separate ticket). Funds raised from tickets go to support the EFF's amazing work (as a former employee, I can attest to how far they stretch your dollars), needed now more than ever in this era of increased pressure to surveil, control and censor the Internet.

My appearance at the Pioneer Awards is part of a longer trip that includes three days in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as guest of honor at ICON 35: A Steam Powered Convention of the Future -- they're footing the bill to get me from London to the USA. I'll be doing a post on ICON later, but I wanted to mention them here -- without their support, I couldn't do the EFF event.

The 19th Annual Pioneer Awards