Gay prom panic strikes Australia

Australia's school system is making great strides in closing the bigoted homophobia gap with Mississippi: Hannah Williams, a 16 year old lesbian in Sydney Melbourne, has changed schools because she was told that she had to bring a boy to the prom, or no one at all.

Savannah, now 16, is also changing schools to be with her girlfriend and was happy to hear that their new school allowed same-sex couples to attend the formal. "It was a homophobic issue and I feel extremely discriminated against at the old school," she said.

Sian Supski supports her daughter's decision to change schools. "The idea that there had to be a gender balance at the dinner dance seemed to be discriminatory. It was a very difficult time for Savannah but she's an amazingly strong young person and we are very proud of her."

Girls interrupted: same-sex couple banned from ball

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