Machine of Death goes Creative Commons

David Malki ! sez,

A lot has happened in the last few weeks with MACHINE OF DEATH [ed: a fantastic anthology of stories about people who know manner but not the date of their death in advance]. The internet en masse made a self-published project that the big publishers turned down into the #1 book on Amazon.

Now, less than a month later, the book that started as a crazy, crowdsourced idea is thundering into mainstream bookstores across the US and Canada. We're thrilled to have been the recipient of many, many wonderful reviews and have even been named by Amazon as a top-10 book of 2010 (Customer Favorites in Sci-Fi & Fantasy).

Here is the entire book as a free, downloadable, Creative-Commons licensed, DRM-free PDF, with our compliments. We want you to read it and we hope you love it too.

Announcing the free PDF download of MACHINE OF DEATH & the free podcast.