US foreign policy gets enhanced patdown: oddities from the leaks

• An elderly American, Hossein Ghanbarzadeh Vahedi, rode a horse over a mountain range to escape Iran after officials confiscated his passport.

• The King of Saudi Arabia advised Obama to "implant computer chips in Guantanamo" detainees, "like horses." Did you know that Stefano DiMera was king of Saudi Arabia?

• The EU plotted to boycott Ahmadinejad at his own presidential inauguration. Iranian agents entered warzones via the Red Crecsent. The medical organization denies it.

• Reuters sums up early reactions from pundits. Most agree that the leaks are unprecedented and will frustrate diplomatic links with certain countries and people. A British think tankee believes that nothing seismic will happen to Earthly geopolitcs because the really secret stuff hasn't and probably won't get leaked. Millions of people already had access to these cables.

• Editorials from newspapers about their 'decision' to publish the leaks have begun appearing! Here's Le Monde's. Of the outlets involved, the New York Times again seems quite resentful at being unable to ignore the scoops Wikileaks feeds it. Compare to The Guardian's exultations.

• This is actually "a moment of American strength" in the making. Take it away, Bill Kristol.