Bowls made from melted army men

If you like the melted toy soldier bowl Mark blogged in 2004, you can buy it from the artist, Dominic Wilcox, or try your hand at making one in your oven:

Heat your oven to 300 degrees. Arrange a layer of army men on the bottom and along the sides of a bowl. Use a Pyrex bowl, any size you want, or something similar that can go in the oven. Carefully put the bowl of
soldiers into the over so that you don't knock any of the soldiers off the side of the bowl.

Watch the army men melt in the oven. The ones around the top will get deformed quickly so do not panic when you see this. Once these ones have melted enough that they no longer resemble army men, take the bowl out of the oven. The army men near the bottom will not be very melted and most likely won't even be stuck together.

To melt the army men on the bottom, hold the bowl over a low flame, letting them melt until they are just a green mass. I do this on a gas stove, but it might work on an electric range as well.

Buy bowl from Dominic Wilcox

Bowl made from melted little green army men