Goat heads found on doorsteps

This week, three bloody goat heads were found on the doorsteps of homes in Cincinnati's upscale Hyde Park neighborhood. From WCPO.com:

"We've been working closely with the Criminal Investigations Section who obviously have a lot more avenues of things we can look at and we're trying to put a common link between the three people like a disgruntled employee, but so far nothing," added (Cincinnati Police Detective Charles) Zopfi.

Police currently do not believe there is any kind of occult connection.

"Usually when satanic or cult worshipers do this kind of thing they leave a mark they want you to know exactly what, who and why this was done," said Zopfi.

Police interviewed all three families to see if they are connected in some way and so far the answer is no.
"Right now it could be anything from a teenage prank to a very nasty prank to somebody who is just targeting these people for a specific reason and right now we don't know why," said Zopfi.

"Goat heads left on Hyde Park doorsteps" (Thanks, Tara McGinley!)