The CIA honeypot Wikileaks mirror that wasn't


Yesterday, I posted an item referencing a reddit thread and a widely-retweeted Google search string referencing a purported "CIA wikileaks mirror honeypot" that revealed itself as likely having been set up by the CIA. It wasn't. It was some guy's joke or something.

I'm traveling with wonky mobile internet, and in the process of attempting to update the post with a clarification late last night in a sleep-depped state, I screwed up. The post was deleted. There is no conspiracy here, and no reason to believe the CIA is setting up fake Wikileaks mirrors (though, not a bad idea, amirite?).

However, I can tell you this, no joke: I'm traveling in Texas, in an area with a high Muslim population. Last night, I saw ads on the hotel TV for the CIA. Clandestine services recruitment ads. I googled around, and apparently these are part of a broad campaign that began in 2009, to recruit more Arab-Americans. I can't find the actual ad I saw last night, but here are earlier examples from the same campaign. You may also want to fire up Tor, disable cookies, and take their personality quiz.

No, neither of those have anything to do with a misleading Reddit thread, or me screwing up a blog post. But! The TV ads were so bad (even the aspect ratio was messed up), I thought, yeah, I could believe.