Don't Mess With the CSS: Cyber-liberties geeks rap an update to "Don't Copy That Floppy"

Yale's Elizabeth Stark sez, "Who says digital freedom nerds can't rap? My students recently released a modern sequel to "Don't Copy That Floppy," with geek references galore:"

My homie Seth Schoen wrote a CSS haiku,
He threw some writtens down like a verbal tycoon.
(MCss: Huh, Programming, poetic? Man that's pathetic!)
[MC++]: Man, if you'z smarter you'd listen to my rhetoric.

Now the Curse has been lifted and the Power has shifted,
we're unLocking the content you greedy Fuckers encrypted.
Oh, what was that? Your DRM has been breached? (THAT'S RIGHT)
And you can't do shit, cuz my Code is free speech

Put yo' hands up in the air for generativity,
Creativity in code is expressive novelty,
Sorry b, if I offended you, you will soon see,
that the tides are shifting for expressive technology.

Don't Mess with that CSS (feat. B-Rad)

(Thanks, Elizabeth!)