Details of rape, sexual assault allegations against Wikileaks' Assange leaked to Guardian

(Photo: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange speaks to the media outside Ellingham Hall in Norfolk England, earlier today. REUTERS/Paul Hackett)

The Guardian has published the full sex crime allegations against Julian Assange, breathlessly titled "10 days in Sweden."

The previously unpublished police documents provide "the first complete account of the allegations against the WikiLeaks founder," and include the phrase "the worst sex ever."

Assange has not yet been charged with any crime.

Also notable, this quote from Wikileaks' coordinator in Stockholm, who knows both Assange and the two women involved:

"This is a normal police investigation. Let the police find out what actually happened. Of course, the enemies of WikiLeaks may try to use this, but it begins with the two women and Julian. It is not the CIA sending a woman in a short skirt."