Boing Boing nominated for science Bloggie

Good news, everyone! We've been nominated for a Bloggie award. The nod comes in a category we've never been nominated for before: Science. This is a wonderful honor and is due in no small part to the excellent work of Maggie Koerth-Baker, who joined us as science editor last year. Check out our science archive for work by her, the other editors of BB, and by recent guestbloggers such as Richard Dawkins and Lee Billings.

Recent features we've posted there include Everybody loves cephalopods and Gliese 581g: Coolness in context by Maggie; Death in Space, by Mary Roach; some awesome space colonies, and A tale of two planets from Billings; and Dr. Dawkins' discussion of the relevance of private belief in science employment.

Many thanks to those who nominated us! Visit our BB science archive and be sure to check our the other nominees, David Robertson, Wired Science, Watts Up With That?, and Women in Planetary Science.

To cast your votes, click the little gray circles at the homepage, then scroll to the bottom and fill out the captcha.