PayPal freezes Manning defense fund operator's account (Update: account unfrozen)

Brad-Manning-in-uniform.jpegPayPal has frozen the account being used to raise money for Pvt. Bradley Manning's legal defense, because its owners refuse to give PayPal access to its bank accounts.

Asked why, if the Courage to Resist account was opened in 2006, PayPal hadn't raised the issue of linking it to a bank account earlier, Nayar did not have an immediate response. …

Courage to Resist says it repeatedly requested and was refused formal documentation from PayPal describing its policy.

"They opted to apply an exceptional hurdle for us to clear in order to continue as a customer, whereas we have clearly provided the legally required information and verification," the group wrote.

Odd how PayPal suddenly starts caring about certain policies, but only for certain account holders.

Update: PayPal released a statement. It says that its decision had nothing to do with Wikileaks and that it never withdraws funds without 'authorization.' It has, however, unfrozen the account.

PayPal Freezes Account of Group Raising Money for Bradley Manning [Wired]