3D printing with bone meal

Joris from i.materialise sez, "The Open3DP team at the University of Washington has amazed us again by demonstrating that 3D printing in bone is possible. For an art project the team tested different mixtures of bone powder for five weeks until it came up with a stable bone mixture that could be 3D printed."

But WAIT! After the first parts were printed, there was a long pause and a sigh heard from Juliana.

"I don't know what to do here." "I don't know how I feel about touching these parts."


"I'm a vegetarian!"


As time has passed in our lab, we've found some more interesting (and aggressive) adhesives – namely Urea-Formaldehyde (UF) glue. A urea formaldehyde resin or glue (also commonly called a urea glue or a UF) is also called "plastic resin glue". This product is sold as a water soluble wood glue. A quick test with bone powder has shown that very strong parts can be produced using UF.

Bone Yard – 3DP in Bone

(Thanks, Joris, via Submitterator!)

(Image: 2010 J. Meira Do Valle – Bones in Bone (photo Laura West @ 2010))