Mayor Eric Adams freezes up as a passenger verbally attacks him on a plane (video)

Eric Adams is one of the most unpopular mayors in New York history. And on Monday, travelers were reminded of his low approval rating when a disruptive passenger verbally attacked him while he was on a flight heading back to New York from Miami.

"Are you Eric Adams?" a woman pleasantly asked as she slowly walked down the aisle toward his seat, where he was sitting. But as soon as he began to smile, she shouted, "Fuck you!"

She then erupted, spewing out a list of complaints: "You support the genocide in Palestine! There are homeless people all over New York! But you're always partying! You don't actually care about the citizens of New York. Why are you even in Miami? You know there are people being arrested … people cannot afford food, and you keep cutting the education budget so you can fund the police! That's all you care about! Funding the police! Everything is underfunded because of you!" (See video below, posted by Mike Sington.)

Phew! Needless to say, his smile never had a chance, and was quickly displaced by a frozen look of discomfort. It's not clear, after Googling the incident, what happened next.