School principal bans homemade lunches

UPDATE: "Chicago Public Schools does not have a policy that prohibits bag lunches and our school does not have a policy against bringing lunch from home." — Elsa Carmona Principal of Little Village Academy

This month's slate of busybodies includes the FDA who embarked on a year-long sting operation to bust an Amish company for selling raw milk. And then there are the killjoys at New York's Department of Health who were poised to crack down on "dangerous" activities like wiffle ball and freeze tag.

But time around no one out-nannied the Chicago public school principal who banned students from eating homemade lunches.

Presenting's Nanny of the Month for April 2011: Elsa Carmona!

Ted Balaker of Korchula Productions says:

So this means if you have a vegetable garden, as my family did when I was growing up, the principal won't let you bring fresh carrots to school? Apparently, there are a lot of parents at this particular school who give their kids all kinds of garbage for lunch. But how are kids supposed to learn healthy habits if they can't choose freely? Many kids simply throw their cafeteria lunches in the trash, so they either end up eating nothing or they tap into the school's burgeoning market for black-market sweets.

School Principal Bans Homemade Lunches! Nanny of the Month (April 2011)