The Infernal Device: giant, ambitious steampunk Kickstarter project

Myke sez,

Three Enginartists from the "Steampunk Form and Function" exhibit at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation, are seeking to raise funds for their biggest collaborative project to date: "The Infernal Device"

"The Device" is a huge 20-foot-tall kinetic sculpture with a 25-foot long spinning painting in the center, which include a zoetropic animation (a spinning animation seen through slats, like the one seen in "The House on Haunted Hill). It will also have moving automata/sculptures on all four corners, and a lot of mechanical activity in between.

It will be powered completely by alternative energy, such as wind and electrical from wind, and will be made from upcycled/recycled parts… we're going seriously for the green aspect, as well as the steampunk aspect, as well as the arcane and out of this world aspect for this monumental endeavor.

The three artists (Myke Amend, Steve Brook, and Todd Cahill) are in the last 4 days of their KickStarter, and could still use your help making this project happen.

For rewards, they are offering one of the world's most unique/rare coffee table art books, custom steampunked guitars, one of a kind paintings such as Myke Amend's "ChaiThulhu", a steampunk and strange fiction coloring book for grown up kids, and at least 30 other rewards.

(Thanks, Myke!)