Snuggle up with a Charles Burns "Creepy Crawlers" blanket

I just plunked down $200 for this blanket illustrated by cartoonist Charles Burns (Black Hole, X'd Out, Big Baby). Last year I bought the Jim Woodring blanket (still available!) and I was so impressed by the quality, I didn't hesitate to get the Burns blanket.

It's produced by Beehive Books.

From the Kickstarter description:

ILLUMINATED TAPESTRIES is a line of glorious fine art blankets. New work by world-renowned artists, woven into soft-touch natural fiber organic cotton textiles, crafted on Jacquard looms by our team of expert weavers in Blacksburg, South Carolina. Each design is limited to an edition of 500 pieces, never to be reproduced again.

The blankets are woven entirely out of natural cotton yarn on a Dornier Rapier Jacquard loom by a family-run maker that has been operating in the textile industry out of Blacksburg, South Carolina for over forty years. The fiber content is 100% cotton (the black yarn is a recycled cotton with 10% poly blend), and the throws are premium quality, including 15% more filling than a standard weave, giving the blankets a luxe and weighty yet still soft finish. Machine wash, tumble dry, love forever.