New Todd Schorr lithograph: "Amphibian Frontier"

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Several years ago, painter Todd Schorr released his magnificent monograph American Surreal, designed by our pals at Pressure Printing and published by Last Gasp. Today, Pressure Printing has released a lithograph of American Surreal's cover painting, Amphibian Frontier. The print is 39" x 25" an edition of 100. From Pressure Printing:

Todd writes in "American Surreal" that the image was born out of a free-associated mix of memories and artefacts from his 1950's childhood: frog hunting, toy indians and a plastic Zorro, N.C. Wyeth's illustrations in The Last of The Mohicans, and the traumatic experience of falling into a yellowjacket hive.

Todd Schorr's Amphibian Frontier