Danish DIY rocket has first successful launch

Copenhagen Suborbitals—I posted about them here last year, and Pesco gave them a write-up in 2008—is a Danish team that's been working for several years on a DIY rocket they hope will one day send humans into space.

Yesterday, they had their first successful test launch.

Don't get too excited. The only passenger was a dummy, and the rocket only made it two miles up (it would need to hit 62 miles high to qualify as "spaceflight"). But, for volunteers (albeit, highly trained volunteers) working on a hobby, this is still a damned impressive feat.

In the video above, you can watch the flight from the point of view of the crash test dummy riding in the Tycho Brahe rocket's cockpit. There are lots more videos up on the Copenhagen Suborbitals website. Or you can watch the inevitable remix, that crosses the Tycho Brahe cockpit cam with "Double Rainbow"-esque audio.

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