FBI seizes webservers, taking unrelated sites offline

[Video Link, by Beschizza.]

As part of an ongoing hunt for [an unspecified cyber-scam ring] the FBI raided DigitalOne's data center today, and caused unrelated, "innocent" websites to go offline. The victims included Instapaper, and various restaurant and real estate sites belonging to Curbed Network. From the New York Times:

DigitalOne provided all necessary information to pinpoint the servers for a specific I.P. address, Mr. Ostroumow said. However, the agents took entire server racks, perhaps because they mistakenly thought that "one enclosure is = to one server," he said in an e-mail.

DigitalOne had no employees on-site when the raid took place. The data center operator, from which DigitalOne leases space, passed along the information about the raid three hours after it started with the name of the agent and a phone number to call.

(A previous version of this Boing Boing post interpreted the New York Times item to mean that the raid targeted LulzSec; subsequent updates at the NYT made clear this was not the case.)