How to go to a sushi-ya in Japan ("The Japanese Tradition" spoof video series)

I am going to Japan for the first time, tomorrow. I will most certainly follow the absolutely serious instructions in this helpful video on Japanese customs. "Always have a little guilt in your eyes." I understand that these guys are responsible: ラーメンズ (Rahmens), Jin Katagiri and Kentaro Kobayashi. Anyone know how to purchase copies? (thanks, Scott Ghelfi/via G+)

A few more clips from them below. The "Japan Culture Lab" videos remind me a lot of Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz's "Look Around You" series.

A number of readers have pointed out that the "Dating" series is one of their finest. Here is a copy on Vimeo, but it's over-subtitled with Korean, so the viewing experience is messy for English or Japanese speakers.

Other clips follow...