Video: wasp deals with annoying ant

In this video from Victoria University researchers, a wasp is having a meal when an ant interrupts. So the wasp picks up the ant, flies into the air, and drops it. Guess what? The ant stops bugging the wasp. From Science News:

Behavioral ecologist Monica Raveret-Richter finds the behavior intriguing and puzzling. Wasps were most likely to make a grab when many ants crowded over the food. “It's hard to imagine the advantage of removing just one,” says Raveret Richter, of Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. She hasn’t seen ant-dropping in the Vespula wasp species she studies, but she normally works to keep ants out of her experiments. “Perhaps next time I set out baits,” she says “I should let some ants join in, and see what happens!”

"Wasps airlift annoying ants"