Google+ nymwars rage on, pseudonymous celebrity users are immune

+Soulja Boy, +T-Pain, and other pop celebrities won't have a problem using Google+ with their stage names, but internet-eccentrics who've been known in the world by non-normal names for years can't get a break—in some cases, even when those "weird" names are in fact their legal names. Tim Carmody of Wired has the latest on Google+ nymwars. Yes, it's still in beta, but boy oh boy do they seem determined to screw this pooch. (via Jillian C. York on where else, G+)

Update: via New World Notes and ReadWriteWeb, a thoughtful take on all of this by Google engineer Joseph Smarr:

"It's not just enough to offer the ability to post under a pseudonymous identifier. If you're going to make the commitment that we're not going to out your real identity, that actually takes a lot of work, right? Especially if you're using your real account to log in, and then posting under a pseudonym. And so we feel a real responsibility that if we're gonna make the claim to people, "it's safe, you're not gonna get outed", that we really think through the architecture end to end and make sure that there aren't any loopholes or gotchas where all of a sudden you get outed. And that's actually a hard thing to do in software… we don't want to do it wrong so we'd rather wait until we get it right."